The shared learning experience of a workshop for your whole team and/or organization can be a powerful catalyst.  I blend my experience from the classroom and “the field” into content rich and engaging sessions customized to align with your organizational needs.  In addition to the three specific workshops outlined below, I can design and deliver a host of others within my areas of expertise.

Workshops are offered in half-day, full-day or two-day formats.  They employ best practices for adult learning, featuring a blend of presentation, demonstrations, and active participation.   We make sure we have some fun while seeding new ways of thinking and doing!


Culture of Collaboration

Many organizational initiatives never realize their full potential because cultural factors are not factored into the implementation process.  A key cultural characteristic often lacking is true collaboration–collaboration across departments and between colleagues. Drawing upon science-based best practices, this workshop:sheds light on key aspects of your organizational culture that provide opportunity for enhancing collaboration, while building personal skills for working with each other.

Facilitation Training

Facilitation workshops are designed to enhance participants’ ability to lead collaborative group learning and decision-making.  Learn techniques to create a supportive space for surfacing and processing diverse perspectives, and to move forward with shared direction.

Systems Thinking

Our capacity as individuals and collectively to engage in Systems Thinking is of paramount importance for navigating an increasingly complex and interconnected world.   These workshops enhance participants’ skills for engaging multiple perspectives, expanding time horizons, moving from event-orientation to seeing patterns and structures in organizational life that drive behavior, and, most importantly, nurturing awareness regarding how we co-create the realities we experience.

In my years studying and cultivating my own Systems Thinking abilities, I’ve come to understand it not as a function of the mind, but of the capacity to engage the fullness of our humanity as we participate in life.


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Dr. Dave Hall