“Consulting” is a funny word.  The term is used here to capture a range of services that support organizational learning.  In general, my efforts aim to broaden employee engagement and distribute the knowledge and skills for increased organizational capacity to address current challenges and the inevitable ones down the line.  If I’m not rendering myself unneeded, I’m not doing my job!

Organizational Development

Are you seeking to strengthen your organizational culture, improve employee satisfaction and well-being, perhaps navigating organizational change, or simply sense that your organization has yet to tap its full potential?  As an Organizational Psychologist, I dig beyond surface issues and help shine a light on organizational structures and processes driving patterns of thought and behavior that are strengths to be leveraged or that may be undermining personal and organizational potential.

Sustainability Consulting

Has your organization recognized the importance of assuming responsibility for its social and environmental impacts?  I have been engaged with the sustainability movement for over 15 years, including working with businesses, public institutions, local communities, and nonprofits on ways we can proactively create a more just and ecologically healthy future.  Whether you’ve just started a sustainability initiative or you’re seeking to deepen your practices, I’d be honored to support your efforts.

Be in touch for a free half-hour to explore whether I may be a good fit for your needs!

Dr. Dave Hall